Mad Dex 2

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The bloody and impossible platforms are back


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Mad Dex 2 is a 2D platfomer that's very similar to Super Meat Boy. You'll play a piece of meat (Dex) who has to rescue his girlfriend on each of the more than 75 levels that make up this adventure.

Mad Dex 2's gameplay is practically identical to that of Super Meat Boy. Players have just three buttons: run to the left, run to the right, and jump. With them you have to avoid hundreds of deadly traps, which include spikes, fine-toothed saws, lasers, and rockets.

Contrary to first appearances, Mad Dex 2's controls are actually very slick. It's definitely easier to play with a controller, but the touchscreen commands are good enough that you won't be able to blame them when you fail.

Mad Dex 2 is a very fun and addictive 2D platformer offering a very difficult adventure. And that's good! The second release in this saga is even better than the first one, which already offered a sizable challenge for Android gamers.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher